Meg Rianne

Professional Makeup Artist

Come to me, Come as you are.

So this is a blog…..but to be completely honest when I started this website I really had no idea what that was supposed to look like. I’m really not a strong writer, I kinda feel like a squirrel when I sit and type too long, expressing myself verbally has never been an issue, but when It comes to writing I have always felt like it just looks like my thoughts were a bomb that just went off on paper after I’m done (as you can probably tell by this run on sentence).
In a way, I guess when I thought about writing for my website I really wasn't excited about it because I felt that I had to limit myself to writing about JUST makeup. I told myself that if this “blog” didn't look like the NY Times proofread it, then I might as well just not write anything, but this morning I kinda felt all that idea shift.
Maybe I could make this blog for my website something of my own. Maybe it didn’t have to be so structured, and it didn't have to fit this “blog criteria checklist” that I had going on in my head….(this is me apologizing now for it not fitting the “Christianson Rhetoric Generative” in advanced)
Anyways, the point is that I've decided that this isn't going to be a perfect blog. It's just going to be mostly me writing about what I was passionate about to begin with. I’m passionate about what I do, I absolutely love my job being a makeup artist (seriously it's a dream come true) but I felt the desire to write about more than just makeup. My heart behind what I do is to encourage others, love them well, and most of all be able to bring the most glory to Christ.

This morning in my quiet time with The Lord I felt like I was just having a hard time focusing. I wanted so badly just to have this really uplifting time praying and reading my bible, but I just felt it become such a struggle. So anyways, I starting reading a devotional that I don’t normally read and just prayed that as I was spending time with Jesus today, that he would give me what I needed (he is the one who knows all of that anyways) and I'm pretty sure I didn't have a freaking clue. Well He did. The first line on the page read

“Is it not humiliating to be told that we must come to Jesus!”
Another line following that completely jumped off the page at me, read “How often have you come to God with your requests and gone away with the feeling -- Oh, well I’ve really done it this time! And yet you go away with nothing, whilst all the time God has stood with outstretched hands not only to take you, but for YOU to TAKE HIM. Think of the invincible, unconquerable, unwearying patience of Jesus ---”Come unto me”
That was it, that was what I was missing. So often we go to him and want to feel uplifted and want this perfect joyful time with The Lord but we don't actually TAKE HIM. Matthew 11:28 says “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burden and I will give you rest”  -- but the issue is that we so often come to him, give him our burdens for maybe a 5-20 minute time window, or ask him to fill us and then after we have laid them down, we walk away, go on with our day only to pick them back up! We forget to take him up on his offer to just simply take all these worries and let him hold them. Let him take care of them, cause they’re not in our hands to control anyways. For me this morning it was letting him just fill me with his love and joy and accepting it. I needed to just rest in Him but at first I was not allowing it, and making it so much more complex than it needed to be. Like meg, it’s simple...just come to me. Chill, just come hangout, I just wanna hang with you. I felt like in order for me to leave feeling great about my time with Him, that something incredibly deep and profound needed to happen first, and while that's still a great thing, its okay to just spend time with God.  I MADE IT SO COMPLEX and its just not.
He says come as you are, and leave it all with me. I believe that if we choose to rest in him, we can truly feel refreshed and uplifted as we enter our time with him. But we cannot lay down a burden then pick it back up. We cant expect to be filled, if we spend all this time over spiritualizing what that may look like. If we do that we are missing the whole point.
I hope everyone has a blessed Saturday! He knows what you need! Praying for everyone today!
More squirrel blog posts to come!