Meg Rianne

Professional Makeup Artist

for the girl who normally only wears mascara

For Annie, makeup is not a daily thing at all. If anything she wears a few swipes of mascara and that's it. Its never been something she has been to big on, so when she asked me to do hers for special event - she was a bit skeptical. This was understandable however, due to bad experiences with makeup before. In the past when she had had her makeup done it never turned out the way she liked. It was just always "too much" she would say! She never felt like herself. After hearing all of this, I wanted to be extra sensitive to her desired style and I really wanted to be sure that she was still feeling like herself when I was done. I believe makeup doesn't always have to be THE most glammed out look ever.  Although I enjoy creating those looks, not everyone loves bold heavy makeup and that is okay. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, and everyone has different comfort levels of how much they like to wear. We created a look for Annie that she ended up loving! She told me that she had never had her makeup done by someone and actually liked it up until I did it. That was a really good feeling. So with all this being said, I really believe there is a makeup look for everyone - even the girls who normally only wear mascara.